Friday, July 1, 2011

Pennys SALE!! aka Primark

I cant believe I have been writing this blog for nearly 4 months and I havent discussed Pennys!!! But this morning when I was in town with my sis before I went to work, the windows in Pennys had HUGE signs with "Up to 50% Sale".  I have never seen anything with "sale" in a Pennys window. Maybe "Reductions in store now", and you would find a few racks with some cheap clothes, but I went in anyway after work and they had so many things on sale everywhere in the shop, not just the usual sale areas!

They had lots of bikinis half price. Some €3 and others €5. They had lots of t-shirts, dresses, cardis - you name it they had it. Most things were less than €7. But my sis got a bargain this morning (hope she doesnt mind me posting the pics she sent hehe) She saw 2 tops in Pennys that she liked, they were €9 and she thought hmmm Im not too sure, had a walk around to think about it.. but when she came back they had been reduced to €3!!!

They are nicer in person than in the pic. They had them in SO many colours too such as an aqua/green, coral/salmon, pink, blue and a pinky red.

Deffo Would suggest to check out your local Pennys for all the bargains!


Miss Educator said...

I actually couldnt believe it when I heard about a 'sale' in penneys. Too good to be true haha.

Bargain Queen said...

The sale is really good. SO many things half price. Got a cute top for a euro and a scarf for a euro too! :)