Wednesday, May 25, 2011

National Fish & Chips Day!!

Today is National Fish and Chips day! And to celebrate it, go to an ITICA chipper today and you will pay half price for your fish and chips!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Aldi Super 6 - 22nd May - 4th June 2011.

Scallions per bunch - 49c
Lemons per pack - 49c
Kiwis per pack - 49c
Iceberg Lettuce - 49c
Cucumber - 49c
Cherry tomatos - 49c

Lidl Offers!

Lidl have some great offers in store at the moment. Here are some of them for you to check out:

Until Wednesday:
Lemons - 3 pack - 39c
Vitafit Fresh Orange Juice - 1L - €1
Irish Smoked/Unsmoked Ham Fillet - 1kg - 3.99

Monday - Sunday:
Moypark 4 Chicken Kievs - €4
Heinz Baked Beans - 4 pack €2
8 pack of Tayto Cheese and Onion - €2
1kg CousCous - €1

Thursday - Sunday:
Half price Raspberries - 99c
Gouda/Edam Slices cheese - €2

Super Saturday
Goodfellas Pizza - €1.99
20 Freeze Pops - 79c

Check out all the offers here

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Superscrimpers - 18th May

Tonights tips -

If your nails are discoloured from nailvarnish etc, get a lemon, juice it and stick your nails in the juice for a few mins. It should whiten up your nails!

Get a spare sock, but off the foot part and use the "ankle" part as a sweat band!

If you have an old tin of paint that has a skin on the top, get a pair of tights, cut them and put them over the old paint tin. Then pour the paint into another container and the tights will catch any of the skin

Instead of wiping your paint brush at the edge of the tin and having paint running down the tin and wasting it, tie a piece of rope on the rivits (where the paint handle is) so that the rope is basically across the centre of the tin of paint. use the rope to wipe off your brush so all excess paint will fall back into the tin

check the internet for vouchers/coupons (pigsback, citydeal etc)

Start swapping! ie if you are good at a skill and someone you know is good at something else, swap! something like pet walking for a blowdry if you are good at either!

buy a kids toothbrush instead of an adults one - cos they are cheaper! (this is the woman who writes small to save ink!!!)

the same woman suggests to keep old curtains, so when it starts to get cold, put the old curtains on top of the curtains you use for more insulation!?

ironing wrapping paper!!! to use it again!

If you need to paint your window, dont buy masking tape. Cut strips of paper, dip them into water and they will stick to the window.. you can slide them into place and no harm if paint gets on it!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Starbucks - Half Price Frappuchinos!

Yes you read right!! From 3pm - 5pm until 22nd May, Starbucks have half price Frappuchinos!

Go on, spoil yourself!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Aldi Deals

Until the 21st May, Aldi has the following veg for 89cents
Vine Tomatos, 2kg Golden Wonder Potatoes, pack of 3 mixed peppers, Courgetts, Carrot & Parsnip tray and Asparagus.

Debenhams - up to 25% off everything sale!

Click here to view Debenhams sale which has already started online! It starts instore on Tuesday! Happy shopping :)

Every day Im searching the interweb to find excellent deals or bargains or tips to share with you people. Wouldnt it be so handy to have all the deals in one place? Yes it would and I finally found that place! has everything you need from pigsback deals to citydeals to ibood deals all on one page.

Excellent website that will be going onto my favourites :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Car boot sale - Raheny

There is another car-boot sale this weekend at the All Saints Church in Raheny Village, just opposite Ulster Bank. Myself, my sister (Lovely Girlie Bits) and my boyfriend (The Cooks Belly) will be there again.

We have loads of good bargains for everyone including dvds, books, makeup, creams, perfume, shoes, tops, dresses, bags, scarves (some still in their packets), and more, all for a fraction of the price that they cost.

Its going to be a sunny and fun day out for everyone, so come on down!

Channel 4 - Superscrimpers

Was a little disappointed in this episode yet again, some of the tips I actually had to laugh at but here they are none the less :)

 - if your light bulb is gone, and you try to take it out and the glass has broken in your hand but the metal bit is still stuck in the fitting, to remove it firstly turn off the electricity at the mains,  then with a carrot or a potato, just gently push it into the metal bit and twist it and it will easily come out

- one lady saves all the return envelopes that she receives from the bank and reuses them by sticking a white sticker over the window to write the new address on, but, she also writes extra small to save ink!!

- jeans you dont wear, make into denim shorts, but cut them a little longer so you can fold up the ends and make shorts with a cute turn up

- for nailvarnish lovers, if your nailvarnish has gone hard, add a couple drops of nail varnish remover to the nailvarnish, give it a shake and it should be perfect again

- got a blocked sink? no plunger? put two pieces of tape over the over flow (the plug hole and the overflow pipe are joined together, so when people usually use the plunger they are just pushin air back out the over flow), get a folded up dish cloth and cover the plug hole and then press it against the plug hole and lift off quickly, about ten times and it should unblock your sink

- potato thats sprouting?? peel it and stick the peel in a pot with soil, in 5 months you should have a batch of newly grown potatoes

- for a skin exfoliant, get a cotton wool ball, add a couple of drops of lemon juice and dab it into some sugar. the lemon is good for cutting through grease and the sugar should make your skin extra soft - not to be used on sensitive or damaged skin and avoid the eyes!

Anyone have any other good tips?

Monday, May 9, 2011


Free Nails Inc nailvarnish with this months InStyle

Also with this months Marie Claire you get a body shop body butter free!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Aldi Current Super 6

All for 59 cent!

Celery, tomatos, salad potatos,  lemons, kiwis, green apples!

Superscrimpers - Channel 4!!

I missed lasts weeks episode as I was away in Espana so I was looking forward to this episode and we had some good tips! My sister has a great beauty blog called Lovely Girlie Bits and she has done a tip similar to what was on the show for polkadot nails... just get a plain bobby pin thats used for those fly away hairs, open it, and use the round edges to dip into nail-varnish to use for those polkadots!

She also said that mayo is a very good substitute for moisturiser ... anyone done that before?

Another handy tip was a guy who says how often when you go to your paint brush are the bristles sticking up or bent and you would throw it away? Well, pour a little vinegar into a container, pop the brush into the microwave for 10 seconds, then put the brush into the vinegar, combing the bristles and then once its covered in the vinegar put an elastic losely around the bristles and you should have a perfect brush

To save gas or electricity when cooking with your oven, instead of cooking 1 thing like a lasange, and wasting all the empty space and heat, batch cook! cook up something else like shepherds pie for tomorrows dinner or something you could freeze

To "vintage" up some new demin whether its a shirt, shorts or jeans, firstly get a nail file and file away at the demin for 5 to 10 minutes to lighten it up (not sure if that would honestly work) - but for the distressed look, get your cheese grater and use the finest setting and gently pull it across on the demin

Lunchtime - bring your own lunch. Spending 4 or 5 quid on lunch, over a year it could be a grand or more you save! There is your summer holiday paid for!

Banana skins contain potassium which should shine leather shoes really well

There was 1 lady on the show giving tips and they were a little extreme.... When she has a bath she doesnt let the water run down the plug hole, she uses the water to flush her toilet, to clean her car with and to water her plants with. Also in the winter she turns off her heat at 6pm, puts on layers of clothes to keep her warm and then sleeps in all her clothes and 2 duvets from what i could see... Yeah there is saving and then there is just pure craziness!!

Awear - 20% off All New Season Footwear Online

I have just received a bargain email from Awear. If you purchase any new season footwear, enter NEWSHOES at the online checkout to receive your 20% off

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Arnotts 20% off sale

Hi Everyone

Sorry for the lack of bargain posts, I was in Spain for the week :) Lovely weather and bargains galore with one cafe place selling a tapas and a drink for €1, and me picking up a lovely pair of brown shoes for a wedding for €5 and finding really pretty light summer scarves for €1! LOVE IT!

Anyhoo, I saw today that Arnotts are having a Mega Weekend, starting tomorrow 4th May and ending Sunday 8th May with 20% of almost everything and 3 hours parking for €4! Happy shopping!