Saturday, July 16, 2011

Some bargains I bought today

Since its the weekend I decided to treat myself to a few bits and pieces. I was mainly looking for work clothes and white shorts for Spain. As you can tell I was a bit successful! :)

First up we hit the Next sale, which was quite crazy at 8am. As we left after 9am there was no queue and barely anyone in the shop... learned for the next one. Anyhoo, I got some plain black trousers which dont deserve a pic, cos nothing special about them, I got a work dress Im not too sure about so I'll do a seperate blog for that to see what you guys think...But I did get these gorgeous dark blue trousers. They look like denim but they arent. I have noticed them a while back in the shop but for €50 I thought no way! And today I got them for €24! YAY!

Next on the list was white shorts... which I finally found... two pair to be exact :)


Marks & Spencers
The first pair are from H&M for €9.95 and are quite short. The second pair come to just above my knee and are demin, not as light as the H&M ones. They are from Marks and Spencers and were on sale for €20. I have a small obsession at the mo for loose tops, and I saw this one in H&M for €9.95 and I had to get it

I love it teamed up with my Marks & Spencer shorts

Such a comfy outfit. The shorter shorts I love with my stripy top from H&M I got a last month, which is now on sale for €3!! Bargain!

Then walking past Accessorize I saw a necklace I saw a couple of months ago, on sale for €3!! Couldnt leave it behind, it was only €3!!!

What do you think?


Will Dekorte said...

Both pairs of shorts look really nice, I love the little pose in the blue top pic

ArtDonatella said...

Oh, love these!!! And wow, that necklace is so cute :D, and 3Euros, a bloody bargain! Well, you are after all the Bargain Queen :D! xo

Temporary:Secretary said...

LOVE the cameo necklace, really beautiful. A classic! x

Bargain Queen said...

@will - thanks! Cant wait to wear them in spain!!

@Artdonadella and @Temporary:Secretary - i do love the cameo. I got a real one near Pompeii in Italy, handmade my some old italian dude, which i love, so this is a cheap one i can wear loads and i wont mind if it breaks :)