Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Superscrimpers - Channel 4!!

I missed lasts weeks episode as I was away in Espana so I was looking forward to this episode and we had some good tips! My sister has a great beauty blog called Lovely Girlie Bits and she has done a tip similar to what was on the show for polkadot nails... just get a plain bobby pin thats used for those fly away hairs, open it, and use the round edges to dip into nail-varnish to use for those polkadots!

She also said that mayo is a very good substitute for moisturiser ... anyone done that before?

Another handy tip was a guy who says how often when you go to your paint brush are the bristles sticking up or bent and you would throw it away? Well, pour a little vinegar into a container, pop the brush into the microwave for 10 seconds, then put the brush into the vinegar, combing the bristles and then once its covered in the vinegar put an elastic losely around the bristles and you should have a perfect brush

To save gas or electricity when cooking with your oven, instead of cooking 1 thing like a lasange, and wasting all the empty space and heat, batch cook! cook up something else like shepherds pie for tomorrows dinner or something you could freeze

To "vintage" up some new demin whether its a shirt, shorts or jeans, firstly get a nail file and file away at the demin for 5 to 10 minutes to lighten it up (not sure if that would honestly work) - but for the distressed look, get your cheese grater and use the finest setting and gently pull it across on the demin

Lunchtime - bring your own lunch. Spending 4 or 5 quid on lunch, over a year it could be a grand or more you save! There is your summer holiday paid for!

Banana skins contain potassium which should shine leather shoes really well

There was 1 lady on the show giving tips and they were a little extreme.... When she has a bath she doesnt let the water run down the plug hole, she uses the water to flush her toilet, to clean her car with and to water her plants with. Also in the winter she turns off her heat at 6pm, puts on layers of clothes to keep her warm and then sleeps in all her clothes and 2 duvets from what i could see... Yeah there is saving and then there is just pure craziness!!

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Solar Panels Berkshire said...

I completely agree that some of their tips are just bonkers and pointless but loving your sisters bobby pin tip! not sure on the mayo for a moisturiser..might smell a bit...yuk.