Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Channel 4 - Superscrimpers

Was a little disappointed in this episode yet again, some of the tips I actually had to laugh at but here they are none the less :)

 - if your light bulb is gone, and you try to take it out and the glass has broken in your hand but the metal bit is still stuck in the fitting, to remove it firstly turn off the electricity at the mains,  then with a carrot or a potato, just gently push it into the metal bit and twist it and it will easily come out

- one lady saves all the return envelopes that she receives from the bank and reuses them by sticking a white sticker over the window to write the new address on, but, she also writes extra small to save ink!!

- jeans you dont wear, make into denim shorts, but cut them a little longer so you can fold up the ends and make shorts with a cute turn up

- for nailvarnish lovers, if your nailvarnish has gone hard, add a couple drops of nail varnish remover to the nailvarnish, give it a shake and it should be perfect again

- got a blocked sink? no plunger? put two pieces of tape over the over flow (the plug hole and the overflow pipe are joined together, so when people usually use the plunger they are just pushin air back out the over flow), get a folded up dish cloth and cover the plug hole and then press it against the plug hole and lift off quickly, about ten times and it should unblock your sink

- potato thats sprouting?? peel it and stick the peel in a pot with soil, in 5 months you should have a batch of newly grown potatoes

- for a skin exfoliant, get a cotton wool ball, add a couple of drops of lemon juice and dab it into some sugar. the lemon is good for cutting through grease and the sugar should make your skin extra soft - not to be used on sensitive or damaged skin and avoid the eyes!

Anyone have any other good tips?


Deefu said...

Another good exfoliant, mix oil (olive, sunflower) with sugar or table salt, apply to skin then shower off. The oil helps soften the skin the sugar/salt will exfoliate

Bargain Queen said...

Thats a great tip Deefu! thanks for that :)