Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Car boot sale - Raheny

There is another car-boot sale this weekend at the All Saints Church in Raheny Village, just opposite Ulster Bank. Myself, my sister (Lovely Girlie Bits) and my boyfriend (The Cooks Belly) will be there again.

We have loads of good bargains for everyone including dvds, books, makeup, creams, perfume, shoes, tops, dresses, bags, scarves (some still in their packets), and more, all for a fraction of the price that they cost.

Its going to be a sunny and fun day out for everyone, so come on down!


ArtDonatella said...

I'm sorry, did someone just say 'perfuuuuume'? Oh. I will do my very best to be there!!! And good luck to you two!!!!


Deefu said...

Oh what day and what time, i will so be there