Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Superscrimpers - 18th May

Tonights tips -

If your nails are discoloured from nailvarnish etc, get a lemon, juice it and stick your nails in the juice for a few mins. It should whiten up your nails!

Get a spare sock, but off the foot part and use the "ankle" part as a sweat band!

If you have an old tin of paint that has a skin on the top, get a pair of tights, cut them and put them over the old paint tin. Then pour the paint into another container and the tights will catch any of the skin

Instead of wiping your paint brush at the edge of the tin and having paint running down the tin and wasting it, tie a piece of rope on the rivits (where the paint handle is) so that the rope is basically across the centre of the tin of paint. use the rope to wipe off your brush so all excess paint will fall back into the tin

check the internet for vouchers/coupons (pigsback, citydeal etc)

Start swapping! ie if you are good at a skill and someone you know is good at something else, swap! something like pet walking for a blowdry if you are good at either!

buy a kids toothbrush instead of an adults one - cos they are cheaper! (this is the woman who writes small to save ink!!!)

the same woman suggests to keep old curtains, so when it starts to get cold, put the old curtains on top of the curtains you use for more insulation!?

ironing wrapping paper!!! to use it again!

If you need to paint your window, dont buy masking tape. Cut strips of paper, dip them into water and they will stick to the window.. you can slide them into place and no harm if paint gets on it!


Karen said...

love the paint tin and piece of rope idea, love the sticking the newspaper to the window idea, sure i dont even need to watch it, you watch it for me hehe

oh hello, my word verification for this comment is "probe" heeh

Bargain Queen said...

yeah the paint man does have handy tips!