Thursday, March 31, 2011


I LOVE LOVE LOVE freebies!! I cant help myself. :) is one of my favourite sites. Its easy to spend an hour just going through the different forums when one is bored in work :) They have a thread called Freebie List where everyone posts different websites that are giving away something free.. I have gotten a pedometre from it and sun flower seeds, carrot seeds, chocolate and I think my mam got a reusable shopping back from there. Its really handy, but there can be times where you do sign up for something free and you get nothing. But I would still only sign up for freebies that I would actually use. No point in signing up for everything. Click here to have a look

Secondly I would recommend everyone to do competitions online, especially on facebook! Im usually not a lucky person when it comes to winning things but the past 12 months, mainly through facebook, I have gotten a good few freebies.

I got.....
a cream Yumi dress from Clerys (facebook)
Yes to Carrots Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash (
2 tickets to the preview screening of Adjustment Bureau (
€25 voucher for Benetton (facebook)
€30 voucher for Konad (facebook)

The last two of which I got in the last 24 hours!! Have a look to see if your favourite shop, restaurant etc is on facebook and "like" the page and you will be surprised at what competitions they have for you to win stuff


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