Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scrimpers and Savers - Channel 4

Did anyone see Scrimpers and Savers on Channel 4 last night (at least i think thats what it was called). I was SO excited to watch it, had it set to record, was waiting to hear all these wonderful things I hadnt thought about for bargains, and wow was I disappointed.

One woman showed how she made her own pasta for pennies - She went out and picked nettles, washed then which supposedly takes out most of the sting, chopped them and added them with flour and two egg yokes. She then rolled it out and cut it into strips. It looked disgusting as it boiled away in the pan. PASS

One tip was interesting though, since myself and my sister did have trouble with a blocked sink in the kitchen. This woman said that when you crack an egg, dont throw the shell away, but smash it a bit and put it down the sink. She said the sharp edges will cling on to stuff stuck in the u-bend and will help it move along - interesting! Better than spending €5 on Mr Muscle drain cleaner - which I have to say worked a TREAT!!

Then a lady "Miss Moneypenny" went to a home somewhere in England to give the family tips to help them not spend so much... they spent over £2k a month more than what their salary was!!! (and they were making a joint income of around 100k - 120k a year!!!) Anyhoo, I was so excited to hear the tips they were going to get to help them save money that I could use, but I was so disappointed.

Basically, they had on average 5 takeaways a week!!! Yes, FIVE!!! So they were told not to have takeaways and cook the meals themselves...
The husband drive a big 4.4 car that had a 2.2 or a 2.4 litre engine.. so they swapped it for a 1.2litre engine for the week...
And finally they were told to stop buying clothes they didnt need..
Nothing new there to learn!

Really not what I was hoping for out of the programme and I was left very deflated.... i love me a good bargain or a good tip and I didnt get either :(

Fingers crossed next weeks episode will have gotten better!


Will Dekorte said...

I was hoping to watch this, but because I was out last night I couldnt :(

Bargain Queen said...

It wasn't good at all. But wont stop me from watching next week! hehe

nikkie mansell said...

I thought it was really good anything like that his worth watching u never know some of it might help u save money etc i also watch how clean his ur house as u get good tips on there aswell the only thing his that its only on for 30 mins not long enough really should be on for a hour u just get into watching it then it finishes

Alice Macaulay said...

Yes some of tips like half fill shampoo with water boiled mimt ffs its only £ in shops you have to weed out the crap but some things good bab oil does give nice shine I've always been a sewer take clothes in or out make cushions covers from curtains or duvet that's on sale tape if you can and hate all those days out kids want what they see crisps juice
Can't think what else was great need to do that