Friday, April 22, 2011

Channel 4 Superscrimpers!

After really enjoying last weeks episode I had high hopes  for last night, but unfortunately I was disappointed yet again (Except for the ad back int he 1930s/40s that for old tyres, cut them up and wear them as shoes! The 1 thing that made the show worth while hehehe)

Anyway, this week they had a woman on the show, who makde 8k a year working part time and couldnt help but "treating" herself to designer everything. Her credit card bills were over 7,600! So Ms Moneypennys tip for her? Work out how many hours you need to work if you want to buy an item. So this woman saw a dress and it would cost her 19 hours worth of work! Supposedly this has helped her stop shopping so much... Can someone please go back to her in 3 months and see how she is doing?

Regarding tips, they didnt have a great amount unfortunately.
  • One woman puts an empty ice cream carton in her toilet cistern, which means less water is used when flushing (might be useful when those charges come in!)
  • Another woman said if you need to sharpen a scissors, get some old tin foil, fold it up a good few times and just cut it numerous times, which should sharpen it great
  • To make your room smell nice when hoovering, instead of buying something smelly to stick in your hoover bag, get a cotton wool ball, and spray your favourite perfume or scent onto it a good few times and stick it into the hoover bag. Whenever you then hoover you will leave that gorgeous smell in your room (i like this tip)
Anyone else got a good tip??

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Karen said...

Ooh I like the hoover tip,gonna do that the weekend