Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lidl and Aldi Bargains

I have to confess I do love shopping in Aldi and Lidl. I love each week they have fruit and veg on sale at ridiculous prices plus you never know what random things for the house/garden/car/yourself that you might find.

In Aldi, the super 6 until the 16th April are 49cent for the following:
Salad Potatos, Scallions, Carrots & Parsnips, Tomatos, Avocado, Iceberg Lettuce
Click here to view them online

In Lidl they have good bargains too, but cleverly space them out for different days of the week so you are more likely to go into the shop a couple of times a week. Some of their bargains are:
  • Super Saturday: Irish Pork Loin Medallions €1.99, Trolli Jelly Mix €1.99 (half price)
  • Monday - Wed Offers: Kiwis 69c, Aubergine 49c, Onions 49c, Tropicana Juice 2 for €3.00
  • Thursday - Sunday Offers: Plums 69c, Flat Mushrooms 69c, Grated Mozarella €1
  • Weekly Offers: Hovis Wholemeal Medium Loaf €1, Chilean Cabernet Sauvigon €3
Click here to view them online


cornflakegirl said...

I love Lidl and Aldi, I shop in Lidl all the time as there's one only a five min walk away. I try to get to Aldi at least once a week (the nearest one is a 10/15 min bus journey away).

I'm a fan of the fact that Aldi clearly label their gluten free products and that they recently started stocking gluten free pasta.

Bargain Queen said...

Oh have they? I'll have to say it to my friend who is a coeliac. I do prefer Aldi over Lidl. Their bread rolls and cupcakes with pink or yellow frosting are just yum :)