Thursday, April 7, 2011

Super-Scrimpers - Channel 4

Even though I didnt enjoy the episode last week, I just had to watch it again this week to see if they had any new tips for saving.

Miss Money-penny went to a family that were spending more than they had each week and her solution??? Eat what you have in the fridge, turn off lights in rooms you arent using and half the pocketmoney you are giving the kids (they were getting £12 a week!!) Anyhoo, they had a week of not being allowed to spend a penny and supposedly they now know the way of scrimping... Anyone else think that Channel 4 should go  back and visit these familys in a few months time to see how how things have changed for them, if they even have!

Anyhoo, there were a few tips and hints that may or may not be useful to you guys.

First one was, buy a 2ltr bottle of the cheapest coke you can find...tesco own brand or lidl or aldi, and basically pour some down the toilet. Supposedly if you leave it for about 24 hours it will get rid of any limescale and leave your loo spotless! --- Any takers for that one?

Another one was if you are cooking minced beef, add dry porridge oats.. this soaks up all the juices and bulks out the meal, so your meat goes a lot further. They say you cant really tell the difference that there is something else other than minced beef in it.

And thirdly, my favourite one which i have to try, they said to store all candles, including tea lights, in the freezer. It makes the wax even harder so the candles burn for longer!

Anyone out there got any handy tips for around the house?

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Anonymous said...

Use white vinegar to descale a kettle or run some through the dish washer or washing machine to clean out the pipes.

Shrunk your sweater in the wash? Don't through it out as you can turn it into a hot water bottle cover. Just cut out the shape of your hot water bottle but wider and longer at the neck to allow for turnings.