Thursday, April 21, 2011

Konad Nail Stamping Set with Pigsback
Do you want pretty nails for the summer? Designs on them or a very easy to do french manicure - each will take literally seconds to do... Try today's amazing MegaDeal with Pigsback: €13 instead of €26 for Konad Stamping Nail Art from Konad Ireland, plus delivery!

You don't need to be a beautician or nail technician to use Konad Stamping Nail Art products - Simply stamp fabulous pre-designed images onto your nails in seconds, et voila.

So easy anyone can do it. And it looks amazing!
This kit contains:1 stainless steel image plate with 7 designs on it (lasts forever because it is stainless steel)
2 special polishes (black pearl & white) for painting over the designs
1 stamp and 1 scraper used for picking up the designs
1 Top coat to seal the designs onto your nail

To avail of this fantastic offer, click here or you can view Konad Irelands range of image plates and special nail polishes here

Perfect timing for gorgeous nails for the Summer

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