Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Superscrimpers - Channel 4

Was looking forward to this episode, even though the previous episodes hadnt been great, but this episode I felt was full of useful money-saving tips. My favourite were:
  • Use conditioner on a cloth to shine your shoes
  • Put new tights into the freezer overnight - supposedly stops them laddering
  • Put crushed egg shells around any plants. It will keep the slugs away as they dont like scratchy surfaces
  • When your freezer is a bit empty, get some old news paper, scrunch it up and put it into the freezer. This stops the freezer from having to cool an empty space which will save some €'s
  • Take a banana, scrap off the pith off the skin and use the skin to take the tarnish off any silver
  • Put chunks of lemon into your kettle, boil it up and leave it to stand over night, it will act as a de-scaler
So there ya have it... Anyone have any other tips?


Karen said...

ok we are doing the kettle one tonight heh and thats a good idear re the newspaper and the freezer

cornflakegirl said...

That kettle trick really works, I do it about once every two/three months.

I like the conditioner shoe shining tip, I might actually try it.

Bargain Queen said...

oh good to know cornflakegirl. I HATE the limescale in the kettle, esp in my mams cos you can see through her kettle so you are pouring it out for a cup of tea while trying not to get any limescale in your cup!