Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bargains in town!

Today I was in town today with my Mam. We went into some shops that Id never go into myself, but my Mam also loving a bargain, I was happy to potter along with her, and I was glad I did!

We started off in Guineys on Talbot Street.... for those who dont know Guineys, its just full of sheets, towels and usually awful clothes. We would seldom look in but my Mam wanted a nosey so off we went.

On the 1st floor they do lady clothes, which are awful, but I did see a stand with Rimmel and Sally Hansen sets for €5! I quickly pulled out my phone and called the sis telling her about this bargain and asking if she wanted any, which of course was a silly question.. Here are some pics of what they had. I wasnt paying attention when taking the pics so they are a bit bad and the you cant see the colour of the lipsticks, but you will get the idea!

So after that we went across the street to Boyers... Again another shop that is more appropiate for the older lady :) But they had great bargains, such as this really cute duvet cover, really soft too, all sizes for €12! They had a really vibrant blue one for €12 too

I saw SO many gorgeous things in town on sale - so get yourself out there and bag a bargain!

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