Sunday, June 5, 2011

Grrr @ Accessorize

I LOVE accessories.. love earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, the works.. and Accesorize has some amazing stuff at the moment but over the years their pricing has been really bad and has stopped me shopping in there.

They used to display the English and the Irish price on the item, and the Irish price was always way above what it should have been, so they then started to use a black marker to cover the old Irish price and write an even higher price on the tag! SO annoying and so unfair.

So during the week I saw this cameo which I loved and at €7 I thought they had a really good price on it

So we went up to newry and went into Accessorize so I could show Karen it, even tho I didnt wana buy it because I have something very similar at home and they had it priced at £4... but what they also had was the Irish price and it was €5.90. I could only imagine what the mark up is in the republic for more expensive items in that shop, its sooo irritating and because of that I refuse point blank to spend my money in that shop. Kills me cos I do love their stuff but Id rather wait until Im up the north where its better value for money


cornflakegirl said...

The mark up is madness.

Bargain Queen said...

i know! Was raging! I wont buy anything in there just out of spite now