Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Grrr @ Tk-Max

Yup, I was singing the praises of TK-Max the weekend and now Im annoyed with them! :)

I was up in the TK-Max in the pavillions yesterday to see if I could find the Nica bag I so desperately decided to get.. and I found it, but after rummaging around the handbag section for ages I came across this little beauty

It looks a lot nicer in real life than the pic. The leather is really soft and there is a zip at the back of the bag, full length across too for your bits and pieces. It was in the clearance section for €25 and I LOVED it!! But while playing with it I saw the back zip was completely split. It wouldnt close at all. I called my mam to see if its something she was able to fix and she said that if you open it completely as much as you could and then closed it and it still didnt close, it would have to be replaced. RAGING!

So I thought, hmmm, I wonder, since the item is faulty, would TK-Max give me a small discount off it, which I could use towards getting the zip fixed... and their answer?? NOPE! Once the item was reduced it cant be reduced any more!! I said, even though its broken and its something I would have to pay for to get fixed, and the answer was nope, nothing they could do!!

I didnt expect much off the handbag at all. 10% and I would have snapped it up. I just didnt want to pay the full sale price for an item that was faulty

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Claire said...

That is so annoying! But you are right not to buy it with the zip being broken and TK Maxx not giving any money off! Grrr is right!