Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Bag - Thank you TK-Max!!!

The last couple of weeks I have seen the most gorgeous TK-Max bags... each one seemed to have been from Nica. Every time I had a favourite, id find a new favourite!

So today my sis and mam were in blanch and I said, if she saw any nice bags to let me know... so I got a call about a really nice Nica bag and asked her to get it for me and it turned out to be the one I saw last week in the Pavillions that was broken!


And €35!! Yipeeeeeeeee


Catherine said...

ohh lovely :-) x

Karen said...

now you have to actually use it and not just sit and admire it heehe

Bargain Queen said...

I will!! Going to use it for work tomorrow :) Too pretty to sit and admire :)

ArtDonatella said...

Excellent! I think I saw that in TK on Fri. Good for you missis!!! xx